Complicated Lover [Explicit Lyrics]

from by Blacke Geneva



Comfortable (Complicated Lover)


(Phone rings)
This is the Vodafone voicemail service for: 07590570366
please leave a message after the tone: (beep)

Guy: Hey yo Blacke, where are you?

Girl: Where are you? Everyone's so worried about you, you're so messed up!

You need to get out of your head. Don't simplify your sh*t.

Simplify your sh*t. Call me back!

If I gave you my mind, if I gave you my focus would you give me you?
And if I gave you my life, shared you all with my hopes would you know what to do?
If I could get you Diamonds, buy you every gold ring
Shower you with material yet immaterial things
Would you give me that time, give me time of that day
Or think of me as exceptional please humour me in this way
If all you're giving is icing: I'm giving you cake (you better like it)
They say the iron is hot: then you better strike it
So turn around and face me...

I am one Complicated brother
Not anyone can be my lover
Hung complicated hustler
Dedicated black brother
Choose, they have been saying if you snooze you lose
Tell me are you Comfortable with me
I just want to hold you down

If I said I was broken
petrified and soft spoken would you want me to
lead our love life discreetly, if I gave you that C.V. would you hire dude?
Tell the truth..
Be brave, do you want to exchange?
If the grass grows greener on the other side I can pull the plug on a slow demise
I seen you out there giving me spice, your man is out here cooking up steak (cooking up steak I'm dishing out steak)
And you better like it
Deal with me like no baby, prove I made no mistake
Turn around and face me...

Chorus till out


from INFJ: The New Blacke [Explicit Lyrics], released October 10, 2016
9. Complicated Lover (Explicit)
Music/Composition by K. Makubi
Vocal arrangement/Lyrics by C.Cristian-Brooke-Russell
Mixed and mastered by Whodini for LMG
Recorded at Durand Studios for Rogue Element Records Ltd, London, United Kingdom




Blacke Geneva London, UK

Blacke Geneva is a Singer/Songwriter from North West London.

Inspired by what he refers to as his eclectic taste from soaking in the sounds of his favourites from Soul to reggae music has made for an interesting combination which can be heard through the music he writes and demonstrates why he should be heard. ... more

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