Hunger ft. Iadu [Explicit Lyrics]

from by Blacke Geneva

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See I know a lot of you don’t know that I do this
Shout out to Roy
Shout out to… Yea I’m talking about
Infinite Waters, diving deep
What, watch it…

I’m from the streets of North West London
I hail up streets from Stonebridge Park
Kill me dead before I die for my ART
Cos when this man drops dead every man loses, ha ha
I used to puff this xxxx, that green
Up in university learning lean
I used to stack that paper that P
But now the money does mean nada to me
So when a fassy look down pon mi
I don’t accept that, I reject that, neglect that
You better fall back in line or just respect that cos mans just reflecting…

I have that hunger (x3)
I have that hunger (x3)
I got that hunger (x3)

These pussycats mean no harm
But dem said dem a bad man so just mek dem gwarn ya
10 type of pressure inna di place
You see your mumma and your granny and you wanna save face
Gallang ya gal mi a live comfortable
Mi nuh come ya fi pressure man case
Cos when I dropped that, the way home boy disappeared just like Houdini and my daddy
That’s my daddy gone, that’s my daddy
You know that bond that a boy wished he hadn’t been deprived of but that’s his bad hey

And I have that hunger (x3)
I have that hunger (x3)
I got that hunger (x3)

Quit the streets don’t play with heat
I’m gonna play it down boy, I’m ‘bout to play it down
Blacke Geneva don’t play discreet
I’m gonna lay it down boy, I’m gonna lay it out


from INFJ: The New Blacke [Explicit Lyrics], released October 10, 2016
5. Hunger ft. Iadu
Music/Composition by Roy Ayers
Vocal arrangement/Lyrics by C.Cristian-Brooke-Russell
Backing Vocals by I.Aduu
Mixed and mastered by Whodini for LMG
Recorded at Durand Studios for Rogue Element Records Ltd, London, United Kingdom




Blacke Geneva London, UK

Blacke Geneva is a Singer/Songwriter from North West London.

Inspired by what he refers to as his eclectic taste from soaking in the sounds of his favourites from Soul to reggae music has made for an interesting combination which can be heard through the music he writes and demonstrates why he should be heard. ... more

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