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Introduction to the INFJ


INFJ: The Induction.

The stereotypical aspects of the INFJ whether accurate or not are as follows:

They are often described as very caring and compassionate.

They are very private people and are very difficult to get to know making them mysterious.

They are supposedly characterised by a very deep and complex nature, impossible to fully comprehend in a lifetime, often benefitting from therapy to help untangle their thoughts.

They are unusually empathetic having an uncanny understanding of others emotions and intentions.

They are deep soft spoken but charismatic prophets with multitudes boiling within their rich psyche.

Some have considered INFJ’s to be characteristically flawed, overly meta-physical, overly emotional, overly idealistic and overall neurotic cranks and emotionally biased and contemplative.

The INFJ is perfectionistic, or from their perspective idealistic.

They are never satisfied…

They cannot present their vision until they are sure it is complete, with no loopholes, no unexplored implications….


from INFJ: The New Blacke [Explicit Lyrics], released October 10, 2016
1. INFJ: The Induction
Arrangement/Composition by C.Cristian-Brooke-Russell. Vocal Sample of Michael Pierce: INFJ the 16 types
Mixed and mastered by Whodini for LMG
Recorded at Durand Studios for Rogue Element Records Ltd, London, United Kingdom




Blacke Geneva London, UK

Blacke Geneva is a Singer/Songwriter from North West London.

Inspired by what he refers to as his eclectic taste from soaking in the sounds of his favourites from Soul to reggae music has made for an interesting combination which can be heard through the music he writes and demonstrates why he should be heard. ... more

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