When A Man Drops Dead [Explicit Lyrics]

from by Blacke Geneva



When A Man Drops Dead.

They don’t want to get too close when mans in the process of dying
And talking about rebirth and mans not trying
Man’s ego burns where there’s no need to justify it
Attainments get earned when man’s mind gets crucified
Rules get laid like carpet everyday, five ways all areas
So when mans get stressed take good care of mans
When man sees abyss man sees just this
(The need to swim far)
Now you can call me what you want
Call me what you need
Call me nasty boy because you caught me on my knees
Never again can I look in your eyes
This feels like its goodbye
This is my life
F**k you b***h I could cry
F**k my life
Come come come line up
Come come watch me die

(Don’t you dare)
Mans lying, mans dying, mans down, mans crying
(Don’t you dare)
Second time telling you mans lying, mans dying, mans down, mans crying
Mans pining mans loves
Mans setting free ten man doves
Mans hungry man gets fed
Spiritual gunshot man drops dead
(Don’t you dare)
Everybody’s gonna want to line up and sign up
When a man drops dead

Down hill like a boulder stopping for no one
(Oh how I need you, how I need you)
Like I need the shower cleansing every wrong done
When the fire burns whatever your monies earn
When the viper bites and booked tables turn
Will you still think you’re right?
Or take a look at your ball of 8

You have arrived you have arrived
Come on in come on in come on and dive in
Come on in come on in come on and dive in
You have arrived you have arrived

Come on and dive in dive
Dive in dive in

Chorus till out


from INFJ: The New Blacke [Explicit Lyrics], released October 10, 2016
8. When A Man Drops Dead
Music/Composition by A.J.Dunn
Vocal arrangement/Lyrics by C.Cristian-Brooke-Russell
Mixed and mastered by Whodini for LMG
Recorded at Durand Studios for Rogue Element Records Ltd, London, United Kingdom




Blacke Geneva London, UK

Blacke Geneva is a Singer/Songwriter from North West London.

Inspired by what he refers to as his eclectic taste from soaking in the sounds of his favourites from Soul to reggae music has made for an interesting combination which can be heard through the music he writes and demonstrates why he should be heard. ... more

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